What is phimation?

In nature, phimation is the natural force that balances creativity and structure in things that start simple and grow more complex.

It is an evolutionary process by which organisms balance the needs of future growth and current function – as illustrated by the spiral shape it takes to maintain optimal functionality presently while ensuring sustained growth going forward. It is how nature balances function and growth, and how it elegantly blends creativity and structure.

It is a similar process by which Phimation clients take control of a company’s evolution, from small start-ups to ongoing enterprises. Starting by correctly identifying the real root of a company’s opportunities and challenges, Phimation helps clients create a clear path that is both sophisticated and practical in order to win the future while maintaining the present.

In business, there is no natural evolutionary force at work…so it takes the clarity of working with Phimation to create it.

Sophisticated, Practical Strategy

Simple solutions for simple problems, complex thinking for complex issues.

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Organizational Clarity

Aligning the entire business and culture around a clear, common vision.

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Judgment and Wisdom

Making the right decisions…and knowing the right time to make them.

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