Phimation Starter Kit

Take control of your business

Phimation serves as a business coach, strategy consultant, and Board advisor to a wide range of “Second Stage” small businesses – those that have made it through start-up and are running a sustainable and growing business.

The Starter Kit offers the insight and tools we’ve developed from over 2,000 small business strategy meetings and $4 million in R&D about small business strategy.

For $100, we can start to teach you what we’ve learned – and help you with the decisions you and your team are facing today.

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Stage 2 Owner’s Manual

Stage 2 Owner’s Manual offers practical advice and tools to take control of your business.
This hands-on strategic guide covers the following topics:

– Stage 2 Management
– Change
– Leadership
– Planning
– Marketing
– Sales
– Talent
– Hiring
– Compensation
– Innovation
– Productivity (Yield)
– Trends

Stage 2 Management Toolkit

Stage 2 Management Toolkit has 15 worksheets, templates, and assessments.
This practical “bag of tricks” includes the following:

– Business Case Outline
– Personal Development Plan
– Blog Worksheet
– Content development worksheet
– Performance review template
– Leadership Skills assessment
– ROI assessment
– Market assessment
– People assessment
– Business Line assessment
– Manager assessment

Executive Coaching

This monthly program provides your leaders with education about important areas of your business, in-your-shoes group coaching, and interaction with peers in similar growth companies. It will ensure that you get the most from your leaders and your business. Recent topics include:

-Planning for growth
-Making a dashboard
-Developing a sales process
-Developing marketing content
-Performance reviews
-Is it time to reorganize?
-The stages of a new venture

Management Coaching

This monthly program provides your managers with small-bite leadership and strategy training, in-the-trenches group coaching, and interaction with peers in similar growth companies. It will help your “zoomers” become better managers and grow into your leaders of tomorrow.
Recent topics include:

– Managing your boss
– Building teams
– Writing performance reviews
– Creating your 2016 budget
– Managing projects