Sophisticated and Practical Strategy

Starting by correctly identifying the real root of a company’s opportunities and challenges, Phimation helps clients create a clear path that is both sophisticated and practical in order to win the future while maintaining the present.

Understanding the complexity of each situation allows for the correct plan to be developed: simple plans for simple issues, complex plans for complex issues. Phimation guides the company’s leaders to identify opportunities and needs, create sophisticated yet practical and successful plans, and make the right decisions and adjustments as plans turn into action.

In any field, there are laymen, and there are craftsmen. More than a consultant or coach who simply applies a standard set of tools for strategy and management, Phimation brings an artisan-level of craftsmanship, judgment and wisdom to the work it undertakes.

Team Coaching

Aligning an entire team around a common purpose, vision and path for sustained longevity.

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Individual Coaching

Working closely with business leaders to win the future while maintaining the present.

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Sophisticated and practical…custom engagements to address specific needs and gaps.

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Speed Strategy

The strategy, judgment, wisdom and tools to solve issues quickly and correctly.

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Individual, team and larger group sessions with specific and tangible learning objectives.

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