Organizational Clarity

Companies balancing a natural tension between performing today and preparing for the future will either push the company to new heights…or create cracks in the foundation.

Phimation works with companies across the whole spectrum of issues they face, including business, market, operations and new venture strategies. Facing uncertain futures, organizations must recognize both the risk and the promise that lies before them…and have the clarity of judgment to know which path to pursue.

But the path must be pursued. Phimation injects that assurance and accountability of mission into every client engagement.

In the end, Phimation removes uncertainty and, in its place, creates sustained longevity and organizational clarity.

Team Coaching

Aligning an entire team around a common purpose, vision and path for sustained longevity.

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Individual Coaching

Working closely with business leaders to win the future while maintaining the present.

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Sophisticated and practical…custom engagements to address specific needs and gaps.

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Speed Strategy

The strategy, judgment, wisdom and tools to solve issues quickly and correctly.

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Individual, team and larger group sessions with specific and tangible learning objectives.

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