Look back to look ahead in your small business planning

7 October 2011
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In a recent post, Jay Goltz wrote on his New York Times small business blog, “If you are quick to say ‘everyone makes mistakes’ without analyzing whether a particular mistake could have been avoided, you are sure to have plenty of them. “

I talked about the form of strategic planning for your small business in my last post.  Let’s take a look at one part of the content of that planning here.

When I get my clients into a planning rhythm, then most of those strategy meetings can start to have the same general agenda.  And I like that agenda to start with a look back.

The look back accomplishes several things that are useful to setting the stage for looking ahead.  It celebrates successes in areas that should get continued attention (the good parts of the business).  It identifies areas that are getting attention because of problems (the bad parts of the business).  And it captures learning so the whole leadership team can benefit from converting mistakes into wisdom.

As Goltz says, analyzing mistakes is important to future success, and your Stage 2 business should be including look back in your strategic planning meetings.

We look at the agenda for strategic planning meetings in more detail in our free Stage 2 Secrets educational teleseminar on planning.