Individual Coaching

When the leader projects a clarity of vision and purpose, the entire organization is inspired to follow.

In addition to working with leadership teams, Phimation works with individual leaders, from the C-suite to key managers and directors, to optimize the performance of today’s business while preparing to maximize the potential of what tomorrow will bring.

More than a consultant or coach who simply applies a standard set of tools for strategy and management, Phimation brings an artisan-level of craftsmanship, judgment and wisdom to the work it undertakes.

Stage 2 Evolution

For businesses that started simple but grew more complex.

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Marketing, Market and Sales

Understanding existing and future sales potential.

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Leadership Performance

Maximize your return on leadership investment.

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Talent, Organization and Culture

Aligning the team around a compelling, common path.

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Business Strategy and Growth

Maintaining the present, winning the future.

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New Ventures and Innovation

Looking around corners and to see the promise of the future.

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