More than a consultant or coach who simply applies a standard set of tools for strategy and management, Phimation brings an artisan-level of craftsmanship, judgment and wisdom to the work it undertakes.

Phimation’s consulting engagements are immersive, sometimes intensive, but ultimately oriented around each client’s specific, unique and mission-critical growth and continuity objectives. Even if the current health of the business is sound, that doesn’t always translate to sustained growth and success going forward.

Similar to the natural force phimation that occurs in nature, a business is an organism that must balance the needs of future growth and current function, elegantly blending creativity and structure.

In business, there is no natural evolutionary force at work…so it takes the clarity of working with Phimation to create it.

Stage 2 Evolution

For businesses that started simple but grew more complex.

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Marketing, Market and Sales

Understanding existing and future sales potential.

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Leadership Performance

Maximize your return on leadership investment.

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Team, Organization and Culture

Aligning the team around a compelling, common path.

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Business Strategy and Growth

Maintaining the present, winning the future.

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New Ventures and Innovation

Looking around corners and to see the promise of the future.

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