• Our Trend Report Identifies 2012 Trends Impacting Your Small Business

    18 December 2011
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    Imagine having a crystal ball that could show you the future.

    Wouldn’t it help you make better decisions for your business?

    Well, we don’t have a crystal ball. And we can’t promise to show you the future. Not exactly. However, we can show you the next best thing: the trends that will impact your second-stage company in the upcoming year.

    As we work with small businesses to help them assess and understand what shapes their future—from the inside and out—we see these trends and understand their impact.

    And second stage companies, who might be lulled into a false sense of security for getting past that awkward start-up phase, may need to watch these trends more closely than anyone. Failure to look at your operating environment might lead to missed opportunities … or prevent you from adapting when it’s most necessary.

    Here’s are a few of the trends we think everyone should know about:

    2011 Small Business Trends Report

    Photo by Prayoga D. Widyanto

    The New Agraria – Get ready for an environment more like 1800s farming than the industrial economy you’ve come to know. This means you can expect “seasons” and different “weather patterns” in your markets, and you’ll need to take one plot at a time as innovation continues to shift your market. However, one key difference is that today’s small businesses will work in communities defined by interest, instead of geography.

    2011 Small Business Trends Report

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    MAD World (Massive Adaptation Daily) – With economic and technological change, companies will need to be highly nimble for daily survival. The leading companies will engage employees to evolve in significant ways that create new opportunities and efficiencies.

    2011 Small Business Trends Report

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    The Almighty Network – There will continue to be a powerful shift between physical and virtual worlds. The Internet will keep equipping small businesses with essential availability, intelligence, capability, and capacity to serve their customers. But it’s not just a one-way relationship. The Network is demanding more from small businesses.

    Our trend report, which we assemble every year, highlights the most influential small business trends. We think it’s essential reading for small businesses looking for trends to capitalize on.

    We’ll send you the full report – with trend descriptions, strategy recommendations, and important trends from other sources – when you enter your email address below.  If you just want to see the trends, check them out on the SlideShare presentation below.

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